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Membership Application Forms:

Membership Application Form 2018.pdf

Friends and Neighbours:

Neighbourhood discount Scheme.pdf

Art Exhibition:

Information for Artists.pdf

Order Form : Please click on the link below to download and print an Order Form for event tickets and merchandise. The Friends cannot accept payment electronically. Please note that non-members may now purchase tickets in advance, or at the door if space allows.

Order Form Autumn 2017.pdf

Report & Accounts for 2013:

Report to the Charity Commission & Accounts.pdf

Report & Accounts for 2012:

Report to the Charity Commission & Accounts.pdf

Report & Accounts for 2011:

Report to the Charity Commission & Accounts.pdf

Newsletters : To see our recent quarterly newsletters, please click on the links below.

Winter 08.pdf
Spring 09.pdf
Summer 09.pdf
Autumn 09.pdf
Winter 09.pdf
Spring 10.pdf
Summer 10.pdf
Autumn 10.pdf
Winter 10.pdf
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Autumn 11.pdf
Winter 11.pdf
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Winter 12.pdf
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Autumn 16.pdf

Winter 16.pdf

Spring 17.pdf

Summer 17.pdf

Autumn 17.pdf

Winter 17.pdf

Spring 18.pdf

Summer 18.pdf

Gift Aid Form :

Gift Aid

Bankers Order Form :

Bankers Order
Bankers Order form.pdf

Advertising order form :

Advertising Order form 2018.pdf
Advertising Order form