Art Exhibition 2009 Review Eighty-five professional and amateur artists joined forces to make the 27th FHP exhibition a fabulously exuberant affair, brimming with memories of sun-drenched landscapes and snow-laden trees, stunning portraits and vibrant flower paintings and a wealth of 3-D pieces from jewel-like stained glass to exquisite necklaces.

Holland Park itself featured strongly, the Friends' annual prize going to Wendy Mackenzie for capturing its spirit in watercolour. Stella Fear's black and white photographic triptychs, however, were a dramatic reminder of the unexpected snow, while Masako Jikihara's coloured etching of a pigeon waiting for spring captured perfectly the moment the first daffodils come into bloom. In contrast, Joy Puritz and Cindy Stern both photographed the park brilliantly in full colour and Peta Prior recreated a breathtaking sunrise with great imagination.

A watercolour of hydrangeas by Gerda Loost was a vision of pure delight. Tracy Marshall was inspired by a candy pink rose, and Margaret Whitehead by a field of bright sunflowers spotted through a window. Ed Everett's view towards Mam Tor was painted with much feeling, as was the rainforest depicted by Pamela Mara, and Andrew Duguid's entry, snapped perilously from a cliff top looking vertically down, was riveting; so was Joanna Irvin's unusual view of rock formations in a highly accomplished aquatint, while Philippa Kennard-Bent brilliantly conveyed the sheer pleasure of walking a dog.

Artex 09Aude Grasset, on the other hand, caught the joy of Tiger, the cat, playing with a red ball. Doris O'Driscoll's brown hare was enchanting, and Jeanette Carr communicated a marvellous warmth in a chilly scene of bears treading on thin ice.

Bob Barling scooped the show prize with a clever figurative gouache, and Nigel Whitehead was commended for his charming portrait of a young woman. Joan Fiddes Dalley excelled with her gondolier, José Suárez expressed the hardship and happiness experienced by a shepherd, and John Schetrumpf showed a fine sense of movement in his oil paintings, La Danse and L'Etreinte. Sylvia Cordero's picture of children playing on a beach was entrancing, and Nicky Cundy recalled such fun with her image of a beach hut on the dunes.

Three jugs depicted in orange, pink and plum by Marika Eversfield lived up to their title, The Three Graces. Hazel Fennell carried the day for abstract painting with a series of coloured stripes, and Henrietta Garland triumphed with Transept, a most unusual framed work in textile.

Stan Stockwell earned high commendation for his seated woman in clay and Vindo Scott breathed life quite magically into her bronze dancers. Elzbieta Stanhope displayed her love of underwater life in her magnificent pots, while Ingela Hedland Claxton demonstrated a passion for insects which appeared unexpectedly dotted around her fantastic ceramics.

Lujain Razouki added another dimension to the show with some fine stained glass, and Catherine Bajour brought her eye-catching mosaics. Yet, if there was a prize for multi-talent, it should surely go to Sheri Rahmanian for her wide range of exhibits from watercolour and collage to a glorious array of handbags and jewellery. [Summer 2009]

Alison Beckett


Art Exhibition 2009 Report This year, because Easter was later, we were able to book the Orangery at a time which meant longer daylight hours and, combined with wonderful weather, this greatly enhanced the exhibition. It made a big difference to the visitor count which this year was 2,011, and at times it was buzzing with activity and interest, particularly at the weekends.

Our very sincere thanks go to Philippa Kennard-Bent who once again did wonderful work on the publicity. We agreed that this year we would stick to the free local magazines and newspapers which do not charge for entries. This process is not easy and involves a lot of time, so we are doubly grateful. Nigel Brockmann did a wonderful job in organising all the steward rotas – not an easy task, but it all went smoothly.

Philippa was also successful in persuading Matthew Meadows and Isabel Langtry to judge the exhibition. Both of them have done this for us before and we are extremely grateful to them for giving their time and expertise to the task. We were also very pleased to welcome Julia Foster, the well known actress, who presented the prizes this year. This was much appreciated.

Alison Beckett did extremely well placing all the paintings, an especially difficult task this year with eighty-five artists exhibiting, and we had to make use of every inch of space available. We also saw an increase in the number of three-dimensional exhibits. We are most grateful to Rhoddy for her work with the artists' cards etc. which several people commented on as a great asset. The stewards and members of the committee also deserve a huge thank you especially those, plus Joanna Irvin, who helped with the setting up and/or the taking down of the displays. We certainly could not manage without their invaluable help. Thanks are also due to all who helped with the displaying of posters or flyers in shops, restaurants or other places.

All but one of our buyers who gave their addresses were from London, mostly very local, but this is hardly surprising. The fact that our sales figures were slightly higher than last year, in spite of the financial downturn, is a good sign, and we can only wait for the green shoots to appear in due course. Any suggestions as to how to improve the exhibition would be much welcomed. We have been able to arrange next year's exhibition from the 18 to 29 March and we hope for another successful year.

We would like to congratulate the prize-winners and those who were commended, all of whom are listed below.

Spirit of HP 09Poster competition winner Leigh Glover
Show prize Bob Barling
Highly commended Henrietta Garland
Commended Nigel Whitehead
José Suárez
Spirit of Holland Park Wendy Mackenzie - illustrated right

Three-dimensional works:
Prize-winner Elzbieta Stanhope
Highly commended Stan Stockwell

Andy Walker

[Summer 2009]

Art Exhibition 2009

Art Exhibition: Saturday 28 March to Sunday 5 April 2009
in The Orangery, Holland Park

Artists should note that the closing date has now passed and no further entries can be considered.

Prizes and Prizegiving

Matthew Meadows and Isabel Langtry have agreed to be our judges this year and they will make their decisions on Saturday 28th March, after the closing of the Private View.
Julia Foster, a well known actress, will introduce the judges at the Private View on Monday evening, 30th March. The prizewinners will then be announced by the judges and Julia Foster will give out the prizes. We hope that as many artists as possible will be present: you never know, you may win a prize!


If you can help with this and have not yet told us, please do so now by telephone or email to Andy Walker. Good stewarding is essential to the success of the exhibition and also both interesting and fun!

Potential Buyers

This means all readers and their friends! Do please come to buy as well as to admire and encourage others to do so as well! We look forward to seeing you.


Fri 27 March From 9.00am to 12.00 noon: Artists deliver works to The Orangery Holland Park.
Fri 27 March From 12.00 noon to 6.00pm: Works will be hung or displayed for the exhibition.

Private Views

Sat 28 March 10.30am-12.30pm and Mon 30 March 7.00-9.00pm.
Prizes will be given on Monday 30 March.
Tickets @ £3.00 each - artists + 4 guests have free entry with tickets ordered on the exhibits details form.

Public Entry

Sat 28 March 1.00 to 6.30pm: exhibition open to the public, entry free.
Sun 29 March to Sun 5 April 10.30am to 6.30pm: exhibition open to the public, entry free.

Sun 5 April: 6.30 to 7.30pm Buyers collect sold works, artists collect unsold works.
Mon 6 April: 9.00 to 11.00am Buyers collect sold works, artists collect unsold works.

Artists are particularly asked NOT TO COLLECT THEIR WORKS BEFORE 6.30PM ON SUNDAY 5TH APRIL as this would spoil the exhibition for others.

Art Exhibition 2009

Information for Artists

Saturday 28 March to Sunday 5 April

The objects of the exhibition are:

1. To raise funds for 'The Friends of Holland Park'
2. To gain favourable publicity for 'The Friends'
3. To attract new members
4. To give pleasure to our current members and the general public.

All artists must be members of 'The Friends' - the annual subscription is £12.00 (£9.00 for senior citizens). To become a member ,please complete the Application Form under Membership and return to the Secretary, Mrs Rhoddy Wood, with your payment.

The exhibition is primarily of framed pictures, drawings and photographs, but we also show sculptures, ceramics, mosaics, glass and textiles.
The exhibition will be stewarded when open and under public liability insurance. We will not insure exhibits. Though we will take due care, we will not be liable for damage to or loss of works exhibited.
There is an artists' entry fee of £10.00. If a work submitted by an artist seems unlikely to achieve any of the aims of the exhibition, it will not be shown, and if none is shown the fee will be refunded.
Artists are invited to submit a maximum of two works able to be hung (or ten small ceramics etc, please discuss other works). Pictures, including frames, should not be larger than 100 cm x 70 cm (3ft x 2ft). Sculptures and ceramics should not be heavier than can be managed by one person. Work for hanging must have rings and wire securely installed for hanging or they may not be hung and the entry fee will be forfeited. Exhibiting artists may also offer postcards etc of their own work, paying commission as below.
All works must be labelled on the back with a stick-on, not a tie-on, label showing:
1. Name, address and telephone number of the artist
2. Title, description and number of the work as shown on the exhibits details form.

Please do not submit different work on the delivery day as we will not be able to list it in the catalogue. All work submitted must be for sale at a price stated by the artist which must be a minimum of £50. The 'Friends' will take the full price from the buyer at the time of sale. Two thirds of the price will be paid subsequently to the artist by cheque, and the remaining one third will be retained by the 'Friends' as commission.
Works from any one artist on the wall will not necessarily be hung together. Works sold from the wall are red-spotted and must remain until the end of the exhibition unless the purchaser has exceptional reason to remove them by agreement.
Artists are also invited to submit a maximum of eight unframed, plastic-guarded works. Again the minimum price is £50 and the maximum size is 60 cm x 80 cm (24" x 31"). These will be available in folio stands for the public to browse through and take away immediately if bought. Works in the browsers will be sorted alphabetically by the artist's name.
All works must be listed on the exhibits details form, which should be returned by 4 March to allow the catalogue to be printed. Please try to give short, definitive titles and avoid those which might be confused with one another (eg Landscape 1 and Landscape 2). Note: If you complete the form by hand, please use capital letters to avoid confusion.
Artists' names and addresses will be numbered and listed at the back of the catalogue in alphabetical order to enable patrons to contact them. If you prefer to be listed c/o the Friends, please state this clearly on the exhibits details form.
Artists are invited to supply a neatly presented (typed) postcard-sized CV for display at the exhibition.

Artists are entitled to a complimentary copy of the catalogue and five free tickets (each admitting one) to one of the two Private Views. We hope these tickets will be used, as far as possible, to invite people who are likely to buy. Further Private View tickets are £3.00 each.

A prize of £150 for artistic excellence will be awarded.
Two further prizes of £75 each will be awarded: one for the work which best expresses the essential spirit and quality of Holland Park, and one for a three-dimensional work.

'The Friends' will take no responsibility for unsold work left by artists at the end of the exhibition.

To enter, please print off the Order Form which can be found under Events and return it with your cheque to the address shown.

Enquiries to:- Andy Walker Tel: 020 7937 3322 or

Poster Competition Brief for Artists

You do not have to be a member of The Friends to enter this competition.

Objective: To create a poster designed to attract the attention of potential buyers & persuade them to visit the Friends of Holland Park Art Exhibition 2009.

Posters will be judged on their ability to do this and on the clarity of the information.
They should also contain a visual reference to Holland Park.

Essential information to be included is as follows:

1. In large lettering
The Friends of Holland Park Art Exhibition 2009
At The Orangery, Holland Park, Kensington High St, London W14
Admission Free: Saturday 28 March from 1.00 - 6.00pm
Sunday 29 March to Sunday 5 April from 10.30am - 6.00pm

2. In smaller lettering
Charity No. 281348
In association with The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
Car Park Entrance: Abbotsbury Road, W14

Further information for competitors
The entry must not be larger than A3, ie 59.4 cm x 41.8 cm. or smaller than A4 ie 29.7 cm x Note: if in between these sizes, it should be in the same proportion. It should arrive to be judged in hard copy in colour and, preferably, also in black and white. After the judging, the printers can use either hard copy or digital.

The decision of the judges will be final.

There is no monetary award, but the winning entry will be exhibited in local shop windows, libraries, & on Holland Park notice boards in full colour A3 or A4 format.

The winning poster will also be featured in black and white on the A5 front cover of the Exhibition Catalogue and on A4 posters for general distribution.

It must therefore have equal impact whether in black and white or in colour.
Alternatively, a separate, but similar, black and white version may be offered.
The artist may sign the poster if they wish.

Entries must be received by February 20th, 2009 by Andy Walker, 4 Iverna Gardens, London, W8 6TN.

To enter the poster competition alone, please print off and tick the appropriate box on the Order Form, found under Events, and return it to Andy Walker.

To enter the poster competition and the art exhibition,
please print off and complete the Order Form, found under Events, and return it with your cheque to the address shown.

All queries to Andy Walker on 020 7937 3322 or to



Friends who are artists and artists who become Friends are invited to exhibit.

Fri 20 February Entries for the poster competition to be received.
Wed 4 March Exhibits details forms to reach us to allow listing in catalogue. Five free private view tickets sent to each artist if we have been informed of date preference.
Fri 27 March 9.00 - 12.00 Artists deliver work to The Orangery, Holland Park. Artists will be required to sign the catalogue to certify that the details given are correct.
Fri 27 March 12.00 - 6.00 Works will be hung/displayed.

Collection of works after the exhibition
Sun 5 April 6.30 - 7.30pm Buyers collect sold works. Artists collect unsold work.
Mon 6 April 9.00- 11.00am Buyers collect sold works. Artists collect unsold work.

Artists are particularly asked NOT TO COLLECT THEIR WORKS BEFORE 6.30pm ON SUNDAY 5 April as this would spoil the exhibition for others.

Exhibition opening times

Private Views
Sat 28 March 10.30 – 12.30pm Private View. Entry by ticket Price £3.00.
Mon 30 March 7.00-9.00pm Private View. Entry by ticket. Price £3.00.
Artists are entitled to 5 free tickets between the two private views, to be ordered on the exhibits details form.
Open to the public free of charge

Sat 28 March from 1.00 - 6.30pm
Sun 29 March to Sunday 5 April from 10.30am - 6.30pm

The AGM of The Friends of Holland Park will be held in The Orangery on Wednesday 1 April at 7.30pm.

Enquiries to Andy Walker 020 7937 3322

Art Exhibition 2009

Next year's art exhibition will run between Saturday 28 March and Sunday
5 April with artwork delivery on Friday 27 March.

Andy WalkerWe have been very lucky to find Mrs Andy Walker, pictured right, who has offered to try her hand at the Art Exhibition. Some of you may have met her with her husband, Anthony, who is Chairman of ESSA. Andy has had considerable experience of administration at Imperial College where she had much contact with students including helping them, up to PhD standard, with their written English. We are sure she will be successful in her role with FHP.

Further good news is that next year Summertime begins on 29 March so the evenings will be longer and hopefully the weather should be sunnier. With Andy's fresh approach and Philippa's continuing publicity work concentrating more on the immediate locality, we feel sure the Art Exhibition will go on to renewed success.
(Autumn 2008)