Art Exhibition 2007 

The Friends' Art Exhibition 2007    

Exotic handbags vied with colourful mosaics, scenes of kissing couples with misty mountains and views of Africa with Indonesia and Venice to make this year's exhibition in the Orangery the most diverse and successful ever.

Three-dimensional work flourished with a wealth of surprise entries. Sheri Rahmanian's hand-made handbags were delightful, as were Elizabeth Chojak Mysko's printed silk scarves appropriately incorporating a design of peacock feathers. Gay Chalfont-Griffin's gemstone pendants added elegant adornment and Catherine Bajour's party-going mosaic elephant was the best-dressed animal in the show.

One of the liveliest, however, was Ann Neimer's little bronze hare, poised to take off among an enticing selection of pottery including beautiful porcelain bowls and vases by Anne Musso and striking ceramic and wax figures by Helen Monostrori and Manuela Gardner respectively. The prize for a three-dimensional work, however, went to Ingela Hedland –Claxton for her last minute entry of artistic jewellery.

The judges' search for the work best representing the spirit of Holland Park was difficult since there were so many charming entries. Margaret Whitehead's painting of the Dutch Garden full of the warmth of summer contrasted with Caroline Renshaw's   view of the park sparkling under snow. Mariusz Kaldowski was inspired by the extraordinary collection of trees and bushes and Daniela Gnoli Roselli could not resist the magnificent irises. Unusually, the judges finally selected a work from the portfolios, Ducks retreat in Holland Park, an oil painting by Krystyna Dankiewicz.

Gerda Loost, well known for her Ice House shows, added enchantment to the profusion of flower paintings with her delicate observation of an amaryllis; and Mary  Bertwistle, Patricia Collins, Vernon del Espino and Alicia Stroud all conjured beauty out of everyday fruit and vegetables. Hazel Fennell provided one of her highly evocative abstract Gala studies and Joanna Irvin an enticing etching of the Isles of Scilly and another of a border farm, which it was impossible to choose between.

Renate Ober specially delivered work from Berlin where she now lives, including a delightful mixed media picture of her childhood farm. The most striking figurative work was Mandana Khonsari's huge cinematic charcoal of Kissing Couples and Ryszard Szydlo's haunting photograph of mountain tops had one longing for the reality.

Friends had travelled further than ever with their cameras, paints and pastels. Keiko Yokota produced an exquisite picture of a garden in Bali, while Gay Chalfont-Griffin captured the magic of an African dawn and Christiane Bonnor-Moris was captivated by the streets of Mauritius. But the most ambitious work was Meiso Lai's depiction of Niagara Falls in a mixture of wax, acrylic and embroidery.

A splendid array of watercolours ranged from Brian Church's Canal in Venice and Julian St Leger's Bridge by Assisi to Jane Box-Grainger's views of Malta and Ferelith Reay's memorable image of a small church in Naxos. The atmosphere of Portobello Market was happily caught by Joyce Johnston. But the overall prize for the show went to Philippa Kennard-Bent for her joyful depiction of The Spirit of Holland Park, kicking up leaves, playing with the dogs and walking through the wood.

Alison Beckett

[Summer 2007]

Art Exhibition 2007 Report  

Art Exhibition Sales

The Exhibition was as admired as ever with some people suggesting it looked all the better for having slightly fewer exhibits which was a reflection of having 61 artists instead of the previous year's 76.  Sales indeed were well up, over £4,700 instead of £2,600.  We sold 72 works against 44 last year although the number of artists selling, 31, was very similar to last year's 32 and the average price was £65 instead of £66.  This made for an altogether more cheerful scenario and several artists told us that they always enjoyed the event even when they did not sell.


The Show Prize of £100 went to Philippa Kennard-Bent for her two colourful primitive paintings 29.1 'The wood viewed from the sitting-room window' and 29.2 'The Spirit of Holland Park'.  See elsewhere  for Philippa's background.

The 3-D Prize of £50 went to Ingela Hedland-Claxton for pottery in white clay, 61.1 – 61.10.  It was the first time she had exhibited with us and we were glad to see the amazing delicacy and complexity of some of her flower motifs recognised.

Both the above were chosen by Mathew Meadows, our independent judge. 

The Friends' Committee awarded the Spirit of Holland Park Prize of £50 to Krystina Dankiewicz for the charming 16.5 'Ducks' retreat in Holland Park' which seemed to draw the viewer into the mysterious depths of the woodland.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Thank yous

This was the 25th Art Exhibition we have held and it seemed appropriate to ask Mrs Carola Zogolovitch to open it as she is the daughter of the late Sir Hugh Casson who was our President then.  Sir Hugh just happened  to be President also of the Royal Academy and so was well placed to advise us on procedures.  We are also grateful to Mathew Meadows for judging and to 61 artists, 54 stewards, six people receiving, five people hanging under instruction, several poster designers and others helping at the Private Views and returning the works.  All the Committee and some of their spouses contributed, some several times over.  We couldn't manage without all these people and we are sincerely grateful to all.  Most especially, we have to thank Alison Beckett whose skill in hanging is so much admired and gives the show its unique character.  [Summer 2007]

Philippa Kennard-Bent
Art Exhibition Winner

Art has always been a passion for Philippa Kennard-Bent from an early age and at eighteen,  she was accepted at Salisbury Art College on their life Foundation Course,  on the strength of a few figure drawings.  A few years later, she enrolled at various Art Colleges in London on their evening portraiture and life class lessons, combining the courses with general art. She also enrolled on a few painting holidays.

During this time, she was a manageress of a Print Art Gallery in Park Lane, where she arranged various exhibitions of the in house collection of art works mainly by  : European Old  Masters, foremost Renaissance painters, the Impressionists schools and Modern English works. A few years later, Philippa went to join an Art Gallery (now defunct) based in Chelsea, as a PR Consultant, where she helped promote their major Modern British painters to various collectors, and obtained space for them to exhibit at various Art Fairs and mentions in relevant magazines. A couple of years later, as a mature student, she attended Edinburgh University on an extra-mural course on the Renaissance period and went to Florence to do visual research in order to write an historical novel set in the 15th century.  After returning from abroad, she became a free-lance Proof reader and Editor for a publisher. She then embarked on a career as an Art Consultant.

Throughout these years, Philippa had continued to paint and sold a few of her own naïve paintings privately, both home and abroad. She then began to paint full time and exhibited in several galleries in London, Sussex and Dorset. In the Millenium year 2000, three of her naïve paintings were hung and sold in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and recently,  a Representative of the Art Collection Fund bought for of her naïve marine paintings from the Pierrepoint Gallery in Bridport, Dorset.  Earlier this year, she exhibited in a mixed exhibition at the Orangery in Holland Park, since when she has been steadily painting a body of work for her first solo exhibition last December.

Her inspiration comes from the dramatic in nature and many of her paintings have the elements of sea and water and the influences of the Impressionist comes through quite strongly, together with her strong sense of colour and texture. Her quirky humour she imprints into her naïve-style paintings, that have a narrative feel, give the painting their unique quality. [Summer 2007]

The Friends' Art Exhibition 2007  

24 March to 1 April in the Orangery

Friends who are artists and artists who become Friends are all welcome to exhibit.

Entries are coming in well but there is still time to enter if you have not yet done so by using the order form.  Painters are allowed two framed works plus eight unframed, plastic-guarded works for the portfolio stands.  Potters, sculptors and makers of 3 dimensional works can show up to ten objects (not too big!) on plinths or the stage.  Multi-talented artists, who wish to exhibit different categories of artwork, should consult with Rhoddy Wood on 020 7602 0304.  Entry is £10 per artist and the Friends take one third commission on all sales.

We will accept entries up to the last minute but we are already very near the date for listing works in the catalogue so artists wishing to be included in the catalogue should contact Rhoddy immediately.

We could not run the exhibition without stewards to encourage buyers and guard the artworks.  We have fifty four slots to fill so all offers, whether from exhibitors or others, are eagerly accepted.  Stewards are always on duty in pairs and shifts are 10.15 to 1.15, 1.00 to 4.00 and 3.45 to 6.45.  It is all during British summer time except for the first Saturday.

So many splendid artworks will be on show and we would love to sell them all for the artists.  Do please come and view them, bring your friends, and perhaps allow yourself to be seduced into buying something – whether a post card, a pot, a handbag or a large painting.

Exhibition Timetable 2007

Friday 23 March 9.00 am to 12.00 noon   Works delivered to Orangery
Friday 23 March 12 noon to 6.00 pm   Works hung/displayed
Sat 24 March to Sunday 2 April 10.30 am to 6.30 pm daily Open to public free
Except Saturday 24 March 12 noon to 6.30 pm only  Open to public free
Saturday 24 March 10.30 am to 12.30 pm   Private View
Monday 26 March 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm   Private View
Wednesday 28 March 7.30 pm    FHP AGM in Orangery
Sunday 1 April 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm    Buyers & artists collect works
Monday 2 April 9.00 am to 11.00 am   Buyers & artists collect works



The Orangery, 24 March to 1 April

Friends who are artists and artists who become Friends are welcome to enter this our twenty fifth exhibition.. The majority of exhibits are paintings and drawings but we especially welcome ceramics, glassware and small sculptures.  Each painter or photographer is allowed two works (not more than 100 x 70 cm) to be hung and up to eight unframed plastic-guarded works to be displayed in folio stands, while the limit for three dimensional works is usually 10.  Now is the time for artists to register, using the order form with this newsletter.  Entry is £10 and the Friends take one third of selling prices as commission.  Full information is supplied to every entrant and will also be sent on request to Rhoddy Wood, 020 7602 0304, before entry to those who are considering doing so.

To steward the exhibition, guarding and selling the pieces, we ask as many as possible of the exhibitors to do a three hour shift.  This is not compulsory, so we also invite Friends who are not exhibiting to take a turn;  it is fun meeting the public.  We have about 60 slots to fill.  Please show your interest on the order form.

What the exhibitors chiefly want is buyers!  Please come yourselves to see, admire and maybe purchase, but also think how you can publicise the exhibition to your contacts and the further public.

Three prizes are given,  the Show Prize of £100, £50 for a three dimensional piece and £50 for the work best capturing the spirit of Holland Park.


Thur 1 March   Exhibits details forms to reach us to allow listing in catalogue.
Thur 1 March   5 Free preview tickets sent to each artist if we have been informed of date preference.
Fri 23 March   9.00 - 12.00   Artists deliver work to The Orangery, Holland Park.
Fri 23 March 12.00 - 6.00   Works hung/displayed.
Saturday       24 March 10.30 - 12.30 Private View.  Entry by ticket  Price £3.00.
Saturday 24 March  12.30 - 6.30 Open to public free
Sunday 25 to Sunday 2 April 10.30 - 6.30  Open to public free
Monday        26 March 7.00 - 9.00    Private View.  Entry by ticket.  Price £3.00.
Wednesday  28 March 7.00          FHP AGM
Sun 1 April  6.30 - 7.30   Buyers collect sold works.  Artists collect unsold work.
Mon 2 April 9.00 - 11.00  Buyers collect sold works.  Artists collect unsold work.

For some this may mean not arranging an evening engagement.


To bring as many viewers and potential buyers as possible to our exhibition, we need a poster that really attracts.  We have been blessed for some years with a succession of artists who have entered our poster competition and produced winners.  Could it be you this year?  An artists' briefing will be sent to anyone who asks for it.  What you need to know now is that the poster will be displayed in full colour in A3 and A4 and must also impact in black and white.  There is a good deal of lettering in it and there should be a visual reference to Holland Park.  Completed entries must be with us by 31 January.

Sadly there is no monetary prize, but the winner will have the satisfaction of seeing their work displayed throughout the Borough. [Winter 2006]