2023 Art Exhibition

It gives me great pleasure to announce The Friends of Holland Park Art Exhibition 2023, for which artist registration opens on

1 December 2022.  Last Spring we had an extremely successful exhibition, and I am keen to continue to build on that. The enthusiasm displayed by our artists and visitors reinforced my feeling that the exhibition has become an important part of our community.

I always try to improve the exhibition and promote the rich creativity that artists brings to each show. Next year, the winner of one of the judged categories will be selected as Feature Artist for the following year’s exhibition. This will connect the years and give the artist ample time to prepare work to be displayed on the Feature Artist panel.  We are extremely fortunate to have The Orangery for our nine-day exhibition. It is a beautiful space to showcase our artists as well as raising money for our charity.

The conditions of entry are as before: Friends who are artists, and artists who become Friends, are invited to exhibit up to ten works: two framed works to hang on the walls, and up to eight unframed works for display in the browser stands, the latter with a maximum size of 70cm x 100cm (including card mounts, but no wooden mounts). Friends are also invited to exhibit up to ten three-dimensional objects such as ceramics, glassware and small sculptures, or enter the mini-market of small works on offer at £40 and under. This includes cards and craft items. The minimum sale price for works in the main exhibition will be £50.

Friends interested in exhibiting in the art exhibition, the Mini-Market, or both, need to register and pay £15 entry fee before they receive the artist exhibit forms. The easiest way to register and pay is online HERE on our website.  REGISTRATION OPENS on 1 DECEMBER. Artists who have registered for the main exhibition may include works in the Mini-Market at no additional cost. Please register as soon as possible, as space is limited.

Information about the exhibition is available here on the website or from me, Gordon French, 19 Kensington Court Place London W8 5BJ; telephone 020 7937 7222; email:  gordon.l.french@gmail.com  All the information regarding the 2023 exhibition, Feature Artist and sponsorship will be detailed at the end of February.  

Let’s have another great exhibition, and we look forward to seeing you in The Orangery.

Gordon French

[November 2022]


Thursday, 1 December  Artist Registration opens
Friday, 17 March  Final date for artist exhibit details forms to be received to allow catalogue listing
Friday, 14 April  Artists deliver artworks to the Orangery, Holland Park, 8.30-11am
                          All artists will be required to sign the catalogue to certify that all details are correct 
Friday, 14 April  Hanging and judging, 11am – 6pm
Saturday, 15 April  Exhibition opens to the public over 9 days. 
Sunday, 23 April  Artist and buyers collect works, 6.15 – 7pm



What a wonderful Art Exhibition!

After a two-year absence there were some concerns as we were all out of practice.  No need to worry, the team effort kicked in from the outset with idverde and the initial set up including the introduction of the plant and floral display.  Artist check-in went smoothly, the hanging team did a superb job and by Friday evening we were set to go.  

On Saturday morning Mother Nature also stepped in to provide us with the beautiful weekend. We had excellent footfall throughout the entire exhibition; artists and visitors were genuinely delighted to be back in the Orangery. Throughout the exhibition many artists arranged to meet their buyers, family and friends to show their work as well as enjoy the entire exhibition. This was very successful, particularly as visitors always enjoy meeting the artists in person.

Overall sales were over £14,000 and our previous record in 2017 had been £11,600.  71 works from the main exhibition were sold, up from 61 in 2019.  In all, of 39 artists, 58% sold something compared with 50% at the 2019 exhibition. A huge thank you to you the artists, the standard was incredibly high and it was reflected in the sales over the 9 days. The spirit of the exhibition was captured by our Feature Artist Annie Leach’s beautiful contemporary botanical works from catalogue cover, posters through to her hung work display.  

The Orangery is booked for April 2023, and we are looking forward to doing it all again. A huge thanks must go to our sponsor, Ilchester Estates, who continued to support the Friends. Volunteers were many and their contribution invaluable, ensuring the smooth running of the exhibition, from those who helped with stewarding, artist check delivery and collection, Mini Market, artist sale reconciliation, payments and much more, so thank you!  In particular, I would like to thank my wife Sandra and daughter Alex who organise the exhibition.

Gordon French

[June 2022]

Art Exhibition 2022

Next month we will return to the Orangery and our Exhibition.  I cannot wait.

As a welcome back we are planning some special additions to our normal presentation, which will provide a lift to the exhibition as well as complementing the art.

I am delighted to announce our Feature Artist for this year is Annie Leach, a contemporary botanical artist who has been exhibiting with The Friends for many years.  Annie’s work is often bright and bold. Some of her paintings simply demonstrate the beauty of flowers, fruit, berries and plants, while others explore patterns created by petal leaves and shadows. I know you will enjoy the presentation.

If you have been thinking about entering, do it, there is still time.  All artists please remember to have your exhibition forms submitted by FRIDAY MARCH 4TH.

We hope that you will support The Friends of Holland Park by visiting our exhibition during the nine days in the Orangery, Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th April.  Tell your family, friends and neighbours to come along.

See you in the Orangery.

Gordon French

Art Exhibition 2022 Timetable

Friday, 4 March Final date for completed artist exhibit details forms to be received to allow catalogue listing

Friday, 1 April  Artists deliver artworks to the Orangery, Holland Park 8.30-11am
All artists will be required to sign the catalogue to certify  that all details shown are correct.

Friday, 1 April   Hanging and Judging 11am – 6pm

Saturday, 2 April   Exhibition open to the public until 10 April.  Entry free of charge, 10.30am – 6pm

Sunday, 10 April  Artists and buyers collect works, 6-7pm

Monday, 11 April  Artists and buyers collect works, 9-11am


[Spring 2022]