Newsletter deliverers

By far the majority of our quarterly newsletters are put into envelopes and delivered to members by hand by a team of volunteers taking responsibility for discrete areas of Kensington and Chelsea. In this way The Friends save about £1,600 a year on postage, which can be better spent towards our aims and objectives.

If you are able to join this group, even if not for every issue, and would enjoy an occasional walk in a part of The Royal Borough convenient to you, please contact our Secretary, Mrs Rhoddy Wood.

Publicity Drops

Kensington and Chelsea have a high turnover of population - about 20% each year. Inevitably the turnover in our members reflects this to some degree so we always need to be drawing attention to The Friends if we are to maintain the numbers of members and the influence that brings us.

So twice a year, usually in spring and autumn, we carefully choose streets where we think the response will be rewarding and put publicity through every letterbox. We need volunteers to do this who are prepared to stuff, address and deliver about a hundred envelopes each. The streets are pleasant to walk and, though the response does vary, our most recent star brought in 14 new members donating £500 by post. Sometimes the letters say "Thank you for bringing The Friends to our attention".

To offer your help or check further details please contact Rhoddy Wood.