Park Management 2016

Quadron Rebranding

You might have noticed this new logo appearing in association with the Quadron parks staff who work in Holland Park, and wondered at the reason.

The Council's grounds maintenance contractor, Quadron Services, was acquired by id verde, Europe's largest landscape maintenance group, earlier this year. The decision for Quadron to join the id verde family was made to secure the future of Quadron and the portfolio of clients with whom it currently has the pleasure of working. As a result, Quadron's clients, and the residents they serve, will benefit from the expertise that id verde can offer as the largest specialist horticultural company in the country, and its 2,000 directly employed staff will benefit from the excellent career paths on offer.

idverde logoQuadron's branding is changing to incorporate this new identity, and Quadron will be updating its park staff's uniforms and vehicles with the new id verde logo in due course. Rest assured, however, that there have been no changes to the teams of staff delivering the maintenance services in Holland Park and Kensington and Chelsea's other parks and green spaces. You will continue to see the same staff working throughout the park, with no changes to their work specification or the quality of work you are used to seeing in Holland Park.

Ben Binnell, Bi-Borough Manager, id verde