Southern Ring Main  As advised at our AGM, the Borough has been successful in finding the necessary funding to complete the ring main supplying the borehole water throughout the Park.  The northern section was laid last year, but there was a shortfall in capital funding to complete the whole ring main.  Additional monies became available in this financial year and work on the southern section is now well underway.  A further contribution of £15,000 is being made by the Friends to this important development.  It is of course ironic that the year of its completion should be the wettest in memory!   [Autumn 2007]
Public Toilets Regular visitors to the Park will have been pleased to note the substantial refurbishment works carried out on the toilet block to the south of Stable Yard, adjacent to the children's playground.  The work was completed in time for the busy summer and opera season when visitor numbers increase greatly.  The regular maintenance and cleanliness of the toilets has also been greatly improved.  As we go to press there is a temporary 'inconvenience' which has necessitated closure of the toilets while pipework is carried out in the changing rooms located behind the toilet block.  However, the mobile loos beside the opera site are remaining open.   [Autumn 2007]
Holland Park Open Day  

The Park hosts a number of events each year, from the opera to farm days, and a range of ecology-focused walks and talks.  On Sunday 2nd September, in association with Park management, we invite you to celebrate the Park as a whole. There will be a variety of displays, stalls and guided walks that explore the history and day-to-day workings of the Park.  There will also be the opportunity to visit some of the less well-known areas, such as the glasshouses and the borehole, and to walk in the grounds of Holland House and see the ceramic tiles on the upper walkway.  The complete programme will not be available for a while, but the timetable will run from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and full details may be found in the Stable Yard. [Summer 2007]

Orienteering in Holland Park  

A series of four orienteering courses have been produced by The Sports Development Team, part of The Royal Borough's Arts and Leisure Services 'Active for Life' campaign.  They are being promoted as the perfect opportunity to relax while taking part in physical activity and exploring our beautiful Holland Park in detail.

Orienteering is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone of whatever age and fitness.  The four courses range from 30 minutes to one and a half hours duration and cover between one and two miles.  Each course is based on finding various landmarks throughout the Park and can be enjoyed at any time during opening hours. 

There is a leaflet for each course containing a map and a list of questions connected to specific map references.  As an example, "Near the end of Chestnut Walk (L7) is a bench, what is the name of the 'musician'?"  Or, "How long was Kyoto the capital of Japan (G6)?"  Answers are checked at the end of the course.

This could be a fun activity for all the family or it could be run as a challenging and energetic race just for the children!  Of course, the object of the exercise is just that, exercise!  Pick up the leaflets, price 50p, from Park Reception in Stable Yard. [Spring 2007]