Christmas Cards

The Walking Man

Here is a reminder of Catherine Masterman’s excellent depiction of the Walking Man statue, which is this year’s Christmas card, already shown in the autumn newsletter. He is a natural follow-up to 2019’s card of Lord Holland by the same artist. There is a distinctly chilly feel to this year’s painting, even though the Walking Man has his sleeves rolled up.

These Christmas cards are already with me and ready to go. They come in two sizes, at £8.50 and £10 for ten, with free delivery within the newsletter free delivery area. I also have a great variety of past cards, mostly large, all at £6.50 for ten. I am making up assorted packs of these, or you are welcome to come and choose your own.

Catherine Masterman’s work also appears on a beautiful 250 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, which pictures the café yard with the house in the background and snow underfoot. It is bright and joyful, a perfect Christmas present for any small child.

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Margaret Rhodes

[Winter 2020]